Development of human resource management systems

Our work teams have the technical expertise that enables them to coordinate with the providers of human resources management programs to provide a complete package of programs capable of serving the institution. We also provide the necessary support in building programs, which guarantees the growth of institutions later.

Performance evaluation parameters will be developed for each job, which will help in the annual evaluation process and develop the necessary training plan based on clear measures that reflect the actual performance of the evaluation and the actual needs in training.

We at Pal Excel will work closely to ensure the provision and success of the implementation of human resource management systems in the institutions during the application and we will also provide support and guidance to manage the change in human resources systems after implementation to ensure the provision of integrated human resources management systems and within the mechanisms of actual work in line with best practices in this regard.

Also, we may offer some of the following additional services as part of human resources management systems

Providing a handbook of the internal system for employees

Provide daily work models specialized in human resources management

– Providing manuals for the procedures and procedures for managing human resources or assisting in establishing them

– Save time management slides

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