Trained and Hire Me Initiative


  • Create job opportunities for youth in various fields. 
  • Collect and invest entrepreneurial ideas and endeavor to indigenize, highlight and apply them in society. 
  • Promote youth and build their capabilities and seeks to provide services that contribute to development and building the society. 
  • Empowering the next generation to shape the future. 
  • Developing graduates’ abilities and capabilities to chart a clear vision for their professional future. 
  • Achieving the highest level of quality in the competence of trainees to engage and compete in the labor market. 
  • Building the skills and capabilities of the Libyan manpower by offering graduates at the highest level of Professionalism and competitiveness in the labor market. 
  • Providing distinguished training programs and services specifically designed to contribute to the development of youth competencies. 
  • To multiply charitable work and develop a sense of social responsibility, established to raise awareness about issues Important social and developmental among business owners. 
  • Enhancing youth capabilities and developing them through their active participation and networking of their supporter’s various fields. Awareness of the need to respect people with mental and mobility challenges in society through dear skills. 
  • Providing reliable scientific and professional content through companies operating in the Libyan market. 
  • Enhancing social responsibility among individuals and institutions towards supporting and activating the role of youth in development the society. 
  • Motivating youth energies and developing volunteer skills. 
  • Promote national values, digital citizenship, and social responsibility of the individual and institutions. 
  • Promoting the concept of sustainable development through the support and volunteering of individuals from the youth group. 
  • Provides professional and academic training scholarships for fresh graduates, outstanding students, and those living in remote areas. 

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